Rugby Sevens

Congratulations Rugby Sevens, Fiji I am proud of your accomplishments! We have a Tall order for Fiji Rugby Team for next year.

Do not cheat, test yourself
1. A television match official uses replays to advise the referee on decisions during a match. True or false?
A True
B False

2. In a 15-a-side Rugby team, there are:
A 7 forwards
B 8 forwards
C 7 backs
D 8 backs

4. An offside player may not take part in the game until he/she is onside again. True or false?
A True
B False

5. In a scrum, players are allowed to win and control the ball with:
A Their feet
B Their hands

6. The depth of the in-goal area of a Rugby pitch should be between:
A 8-20 metres
B 10-22 metres
C 12-24 metres
D 14-26 metres

7. A team scoring a try in a game of Rugby will be awarded:
A 2 points
B 3 points
C 4 points
D 5 points

8. The key characteristics of Rugby players can be summarised as:
A Forwards – power; Backs – speed
B Forwards – speed; Backs – power
C 9The purpose of the advantage Law is:

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