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Realtor – If you are buying or selling homes, call Sara Sharma – Surrey’s Best Real Estate Agent

Who Is Sara?

saraWestCoast15ASara Sharma is a Realtor at Sutton Group West Coast Realty. Sara brings forth to her clients a wealth of real estate savvy, professionalism, keen negotiation, and communication skills. Sara has a vivid passion for the real estate industry.  One of her greatest strengths is that Sara is a great LISTENER.  Sara’s slogan is, Real Estate is a people business not a house business! Sara gets best RESULTS!

A vast majority of Sara’s business is derived by referrals from satisfied clientele and industry-real estate associates alike.  Sara’s philosophy of quality over quantity is represented by her level of involvement and integrity with each real estate transaction.  Sara works with buyers and sellers openly and honestly and this has her built her reputation as being among the best.

Sara reminds everyone that Buying or Selling real estate is one of the biggest transactions most people will ever make.  It is important to find a Realtor that you are BEST with throughout the process, and Sara will help YOU with this.  Sara can also assist you in obtaining mortgages. If you also have equity and want to re-invest in real estate, she can guide you.  Sara has accomplished enough to bring a strong business acumen and entrepreneurial skills to the benefit of her clients.  Remember Sara works for the needs of her clients.

Joint tenants vs. tenants-in-common
The short answer is yes, it makes a difference.
When a property is held in joint tenancy, I call it as “the last man standing”. Upon the death of one joint tenant, the entire property belongs to the surviving joint tenant(s). The survivor of the joint tenant(s) is the last owner(s) can use the will to decide who to give the property in the will.
Tenants-in-common is a different story. In this arrangement, each person owns a half, or third, or some other portion that belongs only to them. They can leave their share to someone in their Will or sell it (never mind the logistical problems of trying to sell one-third of a house).
Between husband and wife, a title is almost held as joint tenants, probate is not required, this is not always the case in second marriages, depending on the situation.