Empty Nesters/Baby Boomers

The number of older people is increasing rapidly, in next 20 years the senior (65+) population is expected to double from nearly 250,000 to 520,000 in 2034 in Greater Vancouver Area. We need affordable housing, more medical care for aging population. If you are looking to make the change, please contact us for all your real estate needs.
There are unlimited possibilities for you, what do you need?

What is your budget
Which Area
What type of facilities, nearby
How many levels you can handle
How many bedrooms
How many bathrooms

We have it all covered, just call at 604-992-7253, senior’s specialist!

The contract of Purchase and Sale are about 7 pages, it use to be 1 before. Subjects, do not be afraid of them, we deal with them on daily basis, if you live in a strata property it becomes complex, you will need professional help.
BC uses a Torrens System, modeled after the ship registry system devised by Robert Torrens, a purchaser does not have to search back through each previous transfer. The purchaser can rely on whatever name shows on the Land Title Registry. The title to the property will reflect complete and accurate of all the current facts of the title, ie all outstanding registered interests in land, such as mortgages, caveats, easements and builder’s liens. The purchaser does not need to worry about any past transactions with the property and the current owner is the valid owner of the property. There is a title insurance to ensure that the land title registry guarantees the accuracy of every title to land, the insurance will compensate should there be an error by the Land Title Registry.

If you have decided to downsize to Condominium, Townhome, Rancher and your convenient location, so you can walk to places or relocate to waterfront or oceanfront home in interior BC.

Aging Population