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In the ever-changing and competitive world of real estate, there is no guarantee of the standing for the #1 Brokerage in Canada for 2012. But given the meteoric rise of a Canadian bred brokerage that began small on the shores of North Vancouver, there is no goal too high or challenge too daunting.

Sutton West Coast Realty

Why I am the Best?
In the real estate business, I have learned more about people,
our community issues, learn more about life, learn more about
the impact of government. Real Estate is not a numbers Game,
it is people business, connect with people, I always put my client’s
best interest first, only then I am rewarded. My extensive experience
for over 15 years in the Real Estate Business. My marketing and
negotiations skills are outstanding. I am professional and have a
great sense of humor and very patient. I am highly ethical,
knowledgeable and passionate about my work. My business is mostly
from referrals from my current clients and past clients.