Fire Place Maintenance 1

Cleaning Inside Of the Fireplace Glass
The most important thing to do before performing any fireplace maintenance is to turn it completely off, and give your fireplace necessary time to cool. Your fireplace should provide you with a manual including instructions on how to properly open the glass since each fireplace model is a little different. Most basic fireplaces installed by the builder of your home will require you to remove the upper and lower panels then undo the latches and the door should simply swing open. Only use a proper gas fireplace glass cleaner, due to other products that are used for window cleaning have ammonia based chemicals causing an adverse affect on the glass taking away from the look of your fireplace. Apply a small amount of cleaner to a dry cloth; rub in a circular motion until you feel a smooth surface all over. Let the glass cleaner stay on the surface of the glass for the recommended time that the product states. Take another dry cloth to remove any access cleaner left on the glass, once completed, close the glass and the fireplace is ready for use.